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Not just for professionals!
Flight Simulation for everyone!
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US location Dallas- Arlington Municipal Airport.

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Our training devices

Our company Sim To Go is the manufacturer of FAA approved "jetpits".




Jet Certified

Jet Transition Classes

You got your PPL, CPL or CFI and want to go fast. We will get you prepared.
5-day class only $ 1,995.-



Interview Prep

Refresher for Pros

Have not flown for a while? Getting ready for a job or interview? We can help!
Starting at only $ 79,- /hr


Safety Package

Scenario based training

Do wind sheer, terrain or TCAS warnings make you nervous? Find your self inverted and stay cool? Train with us!
Safety for only $ 499,-


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Traditional flight training utilizes a combination of ground training techniques using tools such as a ‘paper tiger’(known as CPT, or Cockpit Procedure Trainer), or perhaps a non-dimensional touch screen trainer (known as a VPT, Virtual Procedure Trainer) and then continuing on to use highly expensive full motion simulator time.

The CPTs and the VPTs are great tools to train basic eye-to-hand coordination and cockpit procedures; however, their limited functionality and lack of dimension prohibit the development of spontaneous multi-level skills which are critical to master the full motion, level D simulator sessions with time and cost saving efficiency.

The AATD (Advanced Aviation Training Device) can replicate 90% of the training procedures done in a Level D simulator at about 10% of the cost.

The objective is obvious: Shift the emphasis of training from the time limited full motion simulation to the highly efficient AATD and experience a better training result and a more proficient pilot.

GoCaptain! ...train efficient!

Our eJET training system makes the difference.


If you are a B737NG or an A320 pilot, student or aviation enthusiasts, Go Captain is your pilot training advantage.  We offer a unique package of features and benefits than can help you  get airborne, stay proficient and fly more: What makes our training so unique? The eJET, our enhanced Jet Training?


eJET Features

eJET Advantages

 1 We are the manufacturer of our own FAA approved AATD (Advanced Aviation Training Devices), therefore, our costs to operate and maintain equipment is much less.  Please visit our website at: 

 More affordable fixed based training time and an opportunity to ‘fly more’ in our trainers!

2  Our team consists of real world aviators with more than 3o years experience in the aviation industry.  All of our services are hosted by type rated current or retired airline Captains.

 Let our experience in the cockpit and airline environment give you a real world advantage.

 3  We actively promote our clients to airlines and recruiters.

 Get hired!

More training classes in preparation!

Flight safety is our concern.